Disk Space Analyzer for PC

Using this program, you can organize your files as you need and manage disk space by searching the biggest files on your hard disk. Disk Space Analyzer allows you to quickly find out where there are large files such as videos, photos and files, and move them to another location, such as a backup disk. You can also easily find unnecessary files and delete them. Disk Analyzer a very short time will scan the hard disk space of your PC or laptop. It is simple to use, the results of the scan are in a format as a folder tree (similar to Explorer Windows) and in the graphical representation.
You can analyze the disk space of the entire computer or only its individual disks or folders. As a result of the program, you can easily determine which files are taking place in this very large amount. After scanning, the program will give a report in which the dimensions are all folders and files, and not only in bytes, but in percentage. Therefore, this program will help you to optimize allocation of disk space on your computer, causing your PC will have the best performance.

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