Converter MTS to AVI format

If you have a file in the format  MTS, and your player refuses to play, do not despair or look for the same movie in a different format. For a successful solution of this problem it is sufficient to use a simple program called MTS Converter. With this tool, you can convert MTS file format to AVI, MTS to MP4, MTS to VOB, and also convert MTS files to formats Ipod and Iphone.
MTS – a format that is used by some cameras, such as Sony and Canon. This high-definition video, so the image in a format obtained excellent quality. These files have a large amount, and if you want to reduce the size of a file stored in the format of MTS, is enough to use MTS converter. Besides conversion utility performs some other function. First of all, editing video. MTS files are very difficult to edit, but MTS Converter copes with this problem by editing the converted files to a different format. In addition, the program allows you to change parameters and settings of video and audio file to obtain the optimum settings for the user.

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